About the Company!


 We are not expensive, we are reasonable.

We are supported by over 50 tradesmen, most with 20+ yrs exp.

We offer our design experience, of 20+ yrs. Extensive interior exp..

We increase value, by precise improvement never moving aimlessly.

We create permissible blueprinting, also engineering when opening walls.

Structural repair, or simply opening walls? Easy given extensive background.

We take any task, idea and plan it to the last detail ensuring budget is precise. Reducing potential for changes!

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Charities We Support

Support those that step forward, and guard our amazing freedom!

Support those that step forward, and guard our amazing freedom!

Here is the wounded warrior website, to offer support: http://stlwsf.org/

Here is the link to the wounded warrior project: http://www.woundedwarriorproject.org/

JP Sheehan Construction L.L.C. has been a yearly supporter of the “Wounded Warrior” program. Being a former US Marine I will always support the young volunteers that guard our rights, freedoms and liberties.

Having help provide the initial seed $ to start the 5k run in St Louis, we will continue to support these efforts. Regardless of economic impact, this charity will not fail in it’s mission! Failure is not on the table!

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Areas We Serve


We Serve all of the St. Louis area & western Illinois.

We meet with prospective clients, 7 days a week. Working to fulfill your expectations.

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Recent Projects

Here are a few recent projects we have worked on.